Summit County Residential Community Corrections Programs

Driver Intervention Programs
Glenwood Jail (Jail Overflow/Direct Placement)
Halfway House/Transitional Control/Parolee
Restricted Halfway House
Work Release
Employment Placement
Community Based Correctional Facilities
Special Housing Adjustment Residential Program (SHARP)

Driver Intervention Programs and Multiple Offender Programs

Oriana House offers programs specifically for driving under the influence (DUI) offenders: the three-day and six-day Driver Intervention Programs (DIP) and the Multiple Offender Program (MOP) which is for individuals who have previous DUI convictions.

Clients receive mandatory drug and alcohol assessments and participate in drug and alcohol education certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. Teaching occurs through lectures, films, tests, and a one-on-one interview. Offenders may be referred to drug/alcohol treatment. Follow-through with treatment recommendations is required by the courts.

Both the three-day and the six-day DUI programs start on Thursday evening, with the three-day program ending on Sunday evening and the six-day program ending on Tuesday evening.

The Multiple Offender Program is comprised of a mandatory jail sentence (at the Glenwood Jail in Akron), and participation in and completion of a chemical dependency treatment program and a 90-day aftercare program. Mandatory minimum sentences range from 10 days to 180 days.

Glenwood Jail (Overflow/Direct Placement)

The Glenwood Jail is classified as a Minimum Security Jail and is operated in conjunction with the Summit County Sheriff's Office. The Glenwood Jail serves misdemeanants originally sentenced to the county's main jail. By placing appropriate offenders at the Glenwood Jail, more serious offenders can remain in the Summit County Jail. Courts may also place an offender directly in the Glenwood Jail. Additionally, offenders who are in the Glenwood Jail can benefit from chemical dependency assessment and treatment.

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Halfway House (Transitional Control, Parolee)

The Halfway House Program is designed for offenders needing long-term rehabilitative programming of 90 days or longer. Program placement is in lieu of incarceration or as a part of efforts to reintegrate offenders back into the community. The Halfway House Program accepts adult felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenders from the courts, probation departments, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Separate facilities are maintained for male and female offenders. Release from the facility is permitted only for verified work, education, authorized activities, or an earned privilege. Oriana House operates Halfway House programs in Akron, Cleveland and Sandusky.

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Restricted Halfway House Program

The Restricted Halfway House Program is for adult male and female, felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenders in need of a restrictive community corrections sanction of 60 days or less. Offenders are directly referred to the program from court or probation and are not permitted to leave the facility or campus except for medical/psychological/treatment appointments. The Restrictive Halfway House Program is available in Akron.

Work Release

The Work Release Program permits offenders to maintain employment, education, and community ties while still serving time in a residential sanction. Release from the facility is only permitted for verified work, school, or counseling activities. Offenders also pay toward court costs, fines, and restitutions. Monitoring of each offender's progress is done through on-site job visits, phone calls to employers, and payroll record review.

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Employment Placement Program

The Employment Placement Program provides the courts with a direct sentencing option to a highly structured community sanction while diverting offenders away from the crowded jail system. Job seeking and interviewing skills are taught as part of this program which assists offenders in finding and maintaining employment. The Employment Placement Program is intended for adult male and female felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenders in need of rehabilitative programming.

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Community Based Correctional Facility

Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCFs) offer Oriana House's most restrictive programming. Felony offenders are sentenced to a CBCF in lieu of state prison commitments. Programming is highly structured and includes substance abuse treatment, job training, educational services, cognitive skills, and a required completion of community service. The CBCF Program strives to teach male and female offenders the skills they are lacking in order to function appropriately and productively in the community.

When offenders come to the CBCF, they are confined to the facility for the first 30 days. As clients progress through the program, they are encouraged to obtain and maintain employment, and they earn pass privileges. Most clients are in the program for 180 days.

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Special Housing Adjustment Residential Program (SHARP)

Special Housing Adjustment Residential Program (SHARP) in Akron works with clients who have mental health issues in addition to a criminal conviction. These clients may also need chemical dependency treatment. The program partners with local providers of mental health services to integrate the client into the community and arrange for stable housing. This program provides a link between the criminal justice system and mental health service providers. SHARP is provided through coordination with Community Support Services in Akron.

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