North Central Ohio Residential Community Corrections Programs

North Central Ohio Region

Community Based Correctional Facility

Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCFs) offer Oriana House's most restrictive programming. Felony offenders are sentenced to a CBCF in lieu of state prison commitments. Programming is highly structured and includes substance abuse treatment, job training, cognitive skills, and a required completion of community service. The CBCF Program strives to teach male and female offenders the skills they are lacking in order to function appropriately and productively in the community. Educational service are referred to local community resources.

When offenders come to the CBCF, they are confined to the facility for the first 30 days. As clients progress through the program, they are encouraged to obtain and maintain employment, and they earn pass privileges. Most clients are in the program for 180 days.

The CROSSWAEH CBCF is located in Seneca County and serves the nine counties of Crawford, Richland, Ottawa, Seneca, Sandusky, Wyandot, Erie, Ashland, and Huron.

Lake Erie Community Corrections Center

The goal of this facility is to divert adult male, felony offenders from the crowded jail and prison systems to a highly structured, residential setting that emphasizes establishing the skills needed for successful community reentry.

The halfway house program is three to six months in length and offers evidence-based, individualized programming for felony offenders in need of intensive services. Programming includes cognitive behavioral groups such as Thinking for a Change; employment; case management; community service; and drug testing services. Treatment services for chemical dependency are referred to local providers. Routine and random alcohol and drug testing are required, and clients’ whereabouts are closely monitored.

The program is intended to target Transitional Control offenders coming from the state prison system. Offenders can be directly referred by the court, probation, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and the Adult Parole Authority. Offenders classified as sexual offenders are ineligible.

The Lake Erie Community Corrections Center is located in Sandusky, Ohio and serves the nine counties of Crawford, Richland, Ottawa, Seneca, Sandusky, Wyandot, Erie, Ashland, and Huron.