ADM Crisis Center: Detoxification, Central Assessment and Drop-In Center

The facility, located at 15 Frederick Avenue in Akron, provides a compassionate and cost effective point of entry to comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment services for Summit County residents.

The services provided include:

          Detoxification Unit - Medically supervised subacute (inpatient) and ambulatory (outpatient) care to adults who are intoxicated or experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

          Central Assessment A licensed chemical dependency treatment counselor will meet with an individual for two to three hours and complete a comprehensive evaluation of alcohol and drug dependency to determine appropriate treatment recommendations.

          Drop-In Center - A place where adult Summit County residents can stay to safely recuperate, with medical supervision, from the immediate effects of alcohol and/or drugs.

          Treatment Readiness - Open group meetings are held daily, Monday through Friday, and co- facilitated by a licensed treatment counselor and a recovery coach to provide support to people who are waiting to get into their next level of treatment care.

          Recovery Coaches - Recovery Coaches are trained to walk alongside individuals who are going through recovery, serving as personal guides and mentors.

          Peer Support Groups Smaller group meetings with people who are going through similar experiences help participants stay accountable, motivated, and on-track in their recovery.

          Summit Link This program monitors individuals who have a pending misdemeanor charge related to drugs or alcohol and have been ordered by the court to undergo treatment counseling.

          Mobile Crisis Counseling In partnership with Summa Health System and the Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board, a Mobile Crisis Counselor is available to go to area Emergency Rooms to provide services in response to an opioid overdose. A crisis screening, counseling, and possible referral services for further chemical dependency assessments and/or detoxification services are offered to individuals who have recently overdosed on heroin or other opiate drugs. The counselor is also able to offer assistance, support, and coordination of care for the individuals and/or their families.

          Call the Summit County ADM Crisis Center 24/7 at 330-996-7730.

ADM Crisis Center Brochure

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