The Research Department provides expertise to all of the Oriana House programs by linking research on best practices in community corrections with practical considerations of service delivery in a real world setting. Our goal is to assist in program and policy development, evaluate the results, determine strategies for quality improvements, and provide implementation expertise.

Direct Service-Related Products

These work products reflect the best practice guidelines outlined by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and the American Correctional Association. These include the following:

  • Client Exit Evaluations - Informs program managers and staff how clients perceive the treatment and services provided at Oriana House. A requirement of the American Correctional Association audit procedure.
  • Client Outcome Studies - Informs management staff on the behavior of clients after leaving Oriana House.
  • Program Evaluation Studies - Provides detailed evaluation of processes in Oriana House programs and suggestions for improvement of the programs based on evidenced based practices accepted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Towards this end, the Research Department has adopted the use of the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI). In addition, by performing internal CPAI evaluations, Oriana House managers and program staff will be better prepared by similar evaluations conducted by the State of Ohio.
  • Program Strategic Plans - Develops five-year strategic plans for client-based programs. Strategic plans are created in order to track each program's movement towards evidenced-based programming and more effective interventions for clients.
  • Data Capture and Analysis - Assists programs with the development of a variety of means of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data in order to track program improvement and implementation of best practices.

Other Work Products

  • Human Resources and Staff Development - Development of survey instruments and analysis of results.
  • Grants Administration - Assist in the preparation of grant submissions by writing three major areas of the RFP: offender profile; problem statement; and goals, objectives and measurement.
  • Public Relations - Development, implementation and analysis of referral source provider survey. Survey our agency's service referral sources (judges, bailiffs, and probation and parole officers) in order to determine the quality of our services. A report from these surveys is generated once per year.