Accreditations and Affiliations


Oriana House is committed to excellence at all levels of care and services provided. We are accredited, certified, licensed, or regulated by these independent agencies and organizations:


Oriana House has a recognized history of leadership in community corrections across Ohio, the United States, and internationally. We are proud to be active members in professional associations that promote and establish best practices based on research to reduce recidivism, improve public health and safety, and help people change their lives through compassionate community corrections and behavioral health services.

In addition to membership, Oriana House staff hold these leadership positions in these organizations:

American Correctional Association - Community Corrections Committee, Chair: Bernie Rochford, Oriana House Executive Vice President of Administrative Services and Business Relations.

International Community Justice Association – Vice President and Community Corrections Board of Directors: Mike Randle, Oriana House Executive Vice President of Operations.

National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, Cleveland Affiliate – Chair: Ashly Wells, Oriana House Grants/Compliance Liaison. Vice Chair: Nyisha Stewart, Oriana House Cognitive Behavioral Manager/SCOPE Program Manager. Treasurer: Stephanie DeVincent, Oriana House Program Administrator, Cuyahoga County Day Programming. Secretary: Stacy Turney, Oriana House Pretrial Supervision Monitor. Membership Co-Chairs: Marcus Bell, Oriana House Program Services Supervisor, North Star Neighborhood Reentry Resource Center and Mackey Bonner, Oriana House Operations Supervisor, ADM Crisis Center.

Ohio Community Corrections Association – Executive Committee, Secretary: Jason Varney, Oriana House Vice President, Correctional Programs in North Central and Southeast Ohio.

Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections – President: Mike Randle, Oriana House Executive Vice President of Operations. Board Member: Molly Gauntner, Oriana House Vice President, Correctional Programs in Cuyahoga County.